AquaStretch UK – Business Support – All Inclusive

We understand how important it is to support our Practitioners to get off to a great start and promote themselves into the community, which is why Aquatic Therapeutics delivers training courses, licensing and post training, payments, and general post training customer services support for all our qualified practitioners.

On qualifying, Aquatic Therapeutics Ltd, will supply you with your Practitioner Licence, post training customer/practitioner services, diary/scheduling management, and booking system, and you will have access through the website to the company’s generic branding to use in your business promotions should you wish to create a campaign and need additional marketing collateral. 

Additionally, we work with pools to authorise the need for promotional exposure, such as the positioning of banners, and informational leaflets to educate people on the benefits of:

  • AquaStretch UK
  • AquaStretch Spine care
  • AquaStretch for lower limb
  • AquaStretch for upper limb

Just a link to AREA- Introduction to Aquatic Therapy, Pre/post Natal

And many more services that are CPD related.