AquaStretch UK
Licensed Practitioner Course Level One

The Training

A minimum 4 day theoretical and practical course.

A minimum of 2 days theoretical training, plus 2 days practical training in the pool, with an assessment of your understanding at the end of each of the 2-day training.


Theory days include how the technique was developed by its creator, what fascia is, the superficial and deep fascial lines, how and why fascial adhesions form in the body plus a brief theory of pain and the pain cycle. We discover the 4-step procedure for exploring and exposing where adhesions might be located within the myofascia with the 10 step AquaStretch UK technique used to resolve them.

Practical Days

The practical days include receiving an AquaStretch UK session yourself, working on Lynda Keane’s (founder of AquaStretch UK) existing clients who have a variety of conditions and issues, during which time you will develop your palpitation skills and understand the difference between healthy and non-healthy tissue, how to locate fascial adhesions and how to resolve them.

You would be expected to fully immerse yourself in the technique and to be willing to work with any conditions that you are faced with. At the end of the 2 days of practical training, we will mutually agree if it would be beneficial for you to have additional practical time prior to a final practical assessment, by performing a 30-minute session where you will be observed and a peer review provided by your client for feedback. At this point you will qualify as an AquaStretch UK Licensed practitioner, and you will receive your Practitioner Level One Certificate and any further feedback will be forwarded to you.

The AquaStretch UK Practitioner Course Fees:

  • UK based & International Practitioner (Private Practice): £797 inclusive of Marketing Starter-pack
  • UK based Practitioner NHS: £597 non-inclusive of Marketing Starter Pack
  • International: £597 non-inclusive of Marketing Starter Pack

Practitioner Advanced Courses

AquaStretch UK Advanced Spinal Care

AquaStretch UK Spinal Care is an advanced cpd workshop using the holistic hands on myofascial release technique for assisted stretching in water with the assistance of weighted resistance and a prescribed methodology to trigger the stretch reflex and produce outstanding results from rehabilitation to athletic performance.

This workshop examines the anatomy and biomechanics of the spine and pelvis with associated myofascial slings and discusses the red flags and precautions which need to be adhered to prior to commencing any treatment. The workshop will develop a deeper understanding for the AquaStretch UK techniques and teach new techniques specific to the spine.

  • 1 day online theory
  • 1 day practical. Includes Manual, Pool Laminate, Practical video
  • Minimum of 12 hours of learning
  • Exam & practical assessment with annual check up

All for only £347!


Payable by bank transfer, 50% deposit on confirmation, with the balance paid prior to attending the practical training.

If you require a flexible payment plan, please get in touch with Lynda Keane on: 07535 718817.

It’s imperative for Aquatic Therapeutics to build a community of practitioners who genuinely want to make a difference in the world of wellness, which is why we have kept our licensing fee package and training costs to a minimum, and we will do all we can to support our growing community.