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What is AquaStretch UK?

AquaStretch UK is a specific type of assisted/guided stretching that is only made possible when in the water. It uses traction and intuitive movement to unwind fascial restrictions that might not get resolved through exercise and intentional movement alone.

It was created by an Osteopath in the USA and was initially designed as a fitness and wellness programme. However, early research has shown that it can also help those in a variety of other situations. For example, those who:

Suffer from chronic pain, lower back, neck, joint or muscle pain (including arthritis, headaches, fibromyalgia), Idiopathic pain, pain from injuries, including accidents, combat, and sports, or have low levels of flexibility for various reasons, including postsurgery.

AquaStretch UK myofascial release therapy eliminates pain caused by muscles or other connective tissues that are “tied down” by tight fascia. Also, damaged fascial tissue can contribute to pain at “trigger points” that restrict blood flow to nearby areas, causing the damage to spread.


What does a Session feel like?

The pressure ranges from a gentle skin depth touch to a deeper trigger point closer to the bone touch. The pressure from an AquaStretch UK session should never be beyond your tolerance and it is important to give regular feedback to your practitioner during the treatment. Some clients may experience a slight tingling or burning sensation in the skin, others might feel an ache, tension or pulling sensation, this is perfectly normal and safe. You may feel a gentle to deep stretch on the area being treated.

The Session can last from 30 minutes to an hour.

The AquaStretch UK technique helps to unravel, reorganise, and lengthen the underlying connective tissue allowing for better movement, flexibility, and health. The practitioner will treat all areas of the body to positively affect your session outcome. For example, your practitioner may work on the hips and lower back to help reduce tension in the neck which in turn can cause headaches. This is the benefit of a whole-body approach that makes AquaStretch UK so effective.

Because each client is different, the number of sessions required may vary. However, a general rule is that you should notice a change in your condition very quickly with AquaStretch UK.

“Myofascial Release”

The term myofascial is derived from myo (muscle) and fascia (the all-encompassing connective tissue).


Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in place. This connective tissue does more than provide internal structure and has more nerve endings than muscle, making it almost as sensitive as skin.

When stressed, traumatised or emotionally charged fascia tightens up.

Even now with all the research and information available mainstream, medical practices often neglect to teach fascia and its importance within the body to their students. This has made room for alternative manual therapists that use movement or manual techniques to skillfully alleviate pain and restore movement and function within the joints and soft tissue. Myofascial release is a holistic approach.

What is the Fascial Adhesion Theory or “Knots in the Muscles”?

Theoretically fascia excessively calcifies on a protein collagen matrix, similar to dental plaque or arteriosclerotic plaque. The body is a “tissue sandwich” (layers of skin, agonist muscle, antagonist muscle, bone) in which the fascia both separates and connects the entire body.   Fascial adhesions may restrict flexibility, cause a mal-adaptive range of motion (ROM), and/or irritate nerves causing pain or dysfunction.


What 3 factors cause fascial adhesions?

  • Not resolved by exercise or movement, i.e. after injury or surgery.
  • Muscular overuse (occupational / recreational), improper healing (premature use), and genetic propensity.
  • Fascial calcification may be aggravated by diet (i.e. GMO wheat), certain drugs, hormone

So how does AquaStretch UK Myofascial Release work?

Movement within the body is executed via nerve, muscle and fascia however either or all can be affected by adhesion, which can be caused by lack of exercise, repetitive mechanical movements, poor posture, direct injuries, trauma, postural imbalance, joint disorders, lack of quality sleep, and vitamin deficiencies. These sensitive areas of adhesion result in pain, stiffness, tension, physical limitation, and loss of normal function.

When compressed, adhesions are often painful and can radiate pain and tenderness into other areas (known as referred pain), as well as restricting movement. Depending on the area, adhesions can be responsible for headaches, tinnitus, single or multiple joint pain, eye tension or pain, decreased motion in legs, and low back pain.

During an AquaStretch UK myofascial release, the tissue is put under tension and stretched in a long, rhythmical manner in order to elicit unwinding and restore the body to its optimal length. This will help or eradicate or decrease pain, and improve overall function. Unlike other manual therapies that employ deep vertical 2D pressure to the adhesions, AquaStretch UK focuses on dynamic 3D movement with pressure and traction stretching the entire fascial chain. By adding water you relieve the body and muscles of the downward gravitational pull and allow the body to move freely in the subconscious direction of pull. This in theory allows the fascia (connective tissue) to unravel naturally.

How Myofascial Release helps

According to the literature, myofascial release can be effective for a wide range of ailments, including pain, restrictive movement, muscle spasms, neurological dysfunction, head and birth injury, congenital vertebral abnormalities, scoliosis, menstrual and pelvic pain and dysfunction, headaches, geriatrics, sports injuries, paediatrics, chronic fatigue, and more.

AquaStretch UK myofascial release therapy eliminates pain caused by muscles or other connective tissues that are “tied down” by tight fascia. Also, damaged fascial tissue can contribute to pain at “trigger points” that restrict blood flow to nearby areas, causing the damage to spread.

AquaStretch UK treatments can help achieve better muscular and skeletal alignment before and after surgery. It has also been proven to increase some athletes’ sports performance.

As a professional wheelchair racer, keeping my body in good condition is paramount to my success.

Since working with Lynda, my flexibility, strength, and most importantly,  my recovery, has been greatly improved. The aqua work we have done has enabled me to maintain maximum power through my full range of motion which has let me get stronger and faster.

I cannot recommend Lynda highly enough, not just to the professional athlete, but to anyone looking to improve their overall body conditioning, flexibility and health.

Justin Levene

Marathon Athlete