Hi! I’m Lynda.
Welcome to Aquatic Therapeutics…


Lynda Keane, a Senior Associate of The Royal Society of Medicine is an Aquatic specialist with over 26 years of expertise in the fitness industry. 

She has a degree in Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention, and a Masters Degree in Soft Tissue Therapy and Exercise Rehabilitation. Lynda writes and presents specialist aquatic workshops for the UK and internationally as well as a guest lecturing at Middlesex University on aquatic rehabilitation. She is a co-owner and director of research and education for AREA an aquatic education and training company that she also co – runs with her daughter Haylley Pittam. 

Lynda is the Director of Aquatic Therapeutics and founder of AquaStretch UK, training highly accredited aquatic licensed practitioners and therapy technique courses in the UK and USA.